What Does An App Developer Do?

What is an App Developer?

An App Developer is a type of software engineer who creates, tests and programs apps for computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. They understand coding languages and how to use them. They also test and fix any bugs that may be found in the app. Their job involves working in teams, testing applications and designing prototype application.

What programming languages does an app developer needs to know?

This can vary based on platform and purpose. From low-level languages like C to cross-platform app using Javascript and HTML/CSS, huge variety of languages are used. In the beginning, Objective-C was used as Apple’s official programming language for apps running on mobile and Mac OS. Recognizing a need for a more modern programming language, Apple switched to Swift, an improved, easier-to-learn successor to Objective-C.

Java is the choice of programming language for Google’s Android, the other major mobile operating system. Java enables mobile developers to build code that can run in multiple environments. This allows developers to create and reuse code that runs on virtual machines, browsers and different platforms which accelerates apps’ development and deployment processes.

Python is used to quickly test and debug code. This language is effective for writing scripts that bind existing software components. HTML5 is used to build web-based apps which features multimedia support, full functionality across platforms, devices and browsers. This language provides developers with substantial flexibility since it can be used for both iOS and Android.  


What skills do App Developers need to have?

  1. Technical Skills – Proficient in computer languages and a good technical knowledge.
  2. Analytical Skills – Recognize the needs of customers, and creating new applications that answer those needs.
  3. Attention to Detail – Make sure that all parts of applications are working together for the application to function.
  4. Problem Solving – Make decisions that move the project forward.
  5. Communication Skills – Communicate ideas to coders, teammates, and management.
  6. Creative Skills – Invent new ways of handling problems and developing innovative applications.
  7. Customer Service Skills – Answer questions and fix issues when dealing directly with clients and customers.
  8. Teamwork – Work harmoniously with a team of developers on different projects.


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