Spiralogics Tech Talk: Clean Code

As part of this week’s session, one of our employees, Nabina Nepal, gave a presentation on ‘Clean code’. Nabina is a Software Engineer and has been with Spiralogics International for one and a half years now.

Ms. Nabina began with the introduction to clean code, how the result of messy code results in incomprehensive to other developers and the Spaghetti code condition that results due to lack of clean code.

The presentation included naming conventions, conventions for methods in clean code, proper use of comments in code and benefits of writing clean code.

The presentation concluded with the interactive question and answer session. Overall, the Friday’s internal Tech Talk was very informative and beneficial to everyone.

Such program is held every first Friday of the month in the Spiralogics Institute of Technology’s main hall. The purpose of this program is to share knowledge, boosts employee’s confidence and enhance their communication and presentation skills.

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