Health Insurance in US: Worker’s Compensation

The first Tech Talk for the year 2018 was given by our very own Operation Manager, Ms. Anukha Wagle on 5th Jan. She presented on the topic “Health Insurance in US”. Ms. Anukha is one of the oldest employees of Spiralogics and has been with the company since its inception in 2009.

As our software company primarily work on health care, she highlighted the practices of health insurance in US. She explained about the different parties involved in health insurance such as the employer, injured party, case management company and the insurance company itself. Since most of our projects come under the case management system, Ms. Anukha further explained about the overall process flow of case management.

She concluded her presentation by outlining the scope of health insurance in general and shared her own experience working on health insurance based projects.

Overall, the internal Tech Talk was very informative and beneficial to each and every employee as most of them are working on health care based projects. Such program is held every first Friday of the month in the Spiralogics Institute of Technology’s main hall. We would like to welcome our readers to join us on our future Tech talks. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for the updates.