GIT Meetup: Empowering Girls

Sangeeta Waiba, a Software Engineer at Spiralogics International, was one of the key presenters at the 4th edition of Girls In Technology (GIT) Meetup which was held on the 7th of Jan 2017 at Cloudfactory, Bhaisepati.

Girls in technology Meetups is where girls and women in technology come together to inspire and get inspired by each other’s journey. This meetup was organised by the Girls In Technology. GIT is a common platform dedicated to girls where students, professionals and beginners of technology background come together and share. It was formed in March 28, 2015 with a team of seven girls. The main goal of GIT is focused on bringing/producing the skill set required for girls/women to help them to pursue their career in technology.

During the meetup, Sangeeta shared her journey as a student who was intrigued by a computer to one day becoming a software engineer. The title of her presentation was “Just start and let the work teach you”. She started the presentation by sharing her story as an eighth-grader who took up a basic computer course and how that led her to, later on, pursue a career in IT. She also explained how she started her career with web programming and shifted to mobile app programming.

She encouraged the aspiring IT enthusiasts to:

  • Always do what you are interested in.
  • Grab an opportunity and make the best out of it.
  • Know that it’s not necessary to always stick to the same technology.
  • And that it is never too late to learn something new.

There were other awe-inspiring speakers as well who shared their journey at the meetup. Other speakers and presenters included Ms. Nikita Acharya (Senior Software Engineer at Cloudfactory), Ms. Trishna Shrestha (QA Associate Engineer at Cloudfactory), Shreya Singh Dhakal (founder of NPL group), Dr. Prativa Pandey (Founder/CEO of Catalyst Technology) and Ms. Akita Nakarmi (Developer at Young Innovations).

Spiralogics would like to thank the GIT team for organising such an event and giving a platform for girls to share their stories and inspire others. We are also proud to have Sangeeta as a member of the Spiralogics Family, who never fails to amaze us with her energy and passion towards her work.

(Some pictures were taken from the GIT’s official Facebook page)