The impact of Data Science and Machine Learning on the future of technology

The fifth edition of Tech Talk featured our very own Mr. Saunak Ranjitkar, the CTO of Spiralogics Inc. where he presented on the topic ‘The impact of Data Science and Machine Learning on the future of technology’. The tech talk, which was also was co-hosted by Girls In Technology(GIT), was held on 21 February, Wednesday at Spiralogics International, Shankhamul. GIT is a common platform dedicated to girls where students, professionals, and beginners of technology background come together and share.

More than 50 guests attended the program. Participants included students from various colleges like Kantipur Engineering College, Kathmandu University, Patan Multiple Campus, Softwarica College, Kathmandu Engineering College, Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, etc and Professionals working in different organizations such as MIC Nepal, Will IT, NMEFEN, Shiraz, etc also attended the program.

Mr. Ranjitkar was accompanied by Mr. Govinda Wagle (Application Security Manager), Mr. Sunil Lama (Senior Software Engineer), Mr. Abhishek Pokhrel (Dot Net Developer) and Ms. Prati Shrestha (QA Engineer) during the presentation. They each focused on different aspects of the topic. Mr. Wagle focused on Data Science, while Mr. Lama highlighted on ‘what’ and ‘why’ of Machine Learning. Further Ms. Shrestha explained on ‘How Data Scientist works?’.

Mr. Ranjitkar presented the examples of how machine learning and data science are applied in people’s daily lives. His examples included how he encountered Data Science and Machine Learning as a novice, as an intern, as an observer, as a CTO of Spiralogics, and as a strategist. Finally, Mr. Pokhrel conducted a demo on ‘prediction analysis’.

The session concluded with questions from the audience. Spiralogics Family would like to thank the participants for being part of this program. We’re also grateful to our CTO and other speakers for providing such a valuable insight on machine learning and data science.

This kind of tech talk is held every month at Spiralogics International. You can check out our Facebook page for more updates on future tech talks.