Two-Minutes Coding Challenge

Spiralogics Institute of Technology (SIT) has initiated a coding challenge to test student’s basic programming knowledge. SIT has started visiting different IT colleges within Kathmandu Valley to conduct a short coding challenge titled “2 minutes to code”. The main participants for this challenge will be students currently studying IT. The challenge is designed in such a way that students from different semesters will be able to attempt it.

SIT’s primary focus is to provide software professionals and IT enthusiasts with the required set of skills to be employable in the job market. Our mission is simple: Make you the best software engineer you can be.

We will be offering scholarships to those who successfully complete the challenge. The purpose of this event is to find potential candidates for both the institute as well as the software company.

This event commenced on 16th March 2018 and Virinchi College was among the first college SIT conducted the challenge in. Students from different semester participated in the challenge where two students were able to complete it in less two minutes.

SIT would like to congratulate the winners as well as thank those who attempted the challenge. We’re also grateful to Virinchi college for the partnership.