Hike For A Cause

On 31st March 2018, four of our employees took part in Impact Hike, a program initiated by Samartha Nepal. The participants gathered at Presidential College early in the morning at 6:30 AM where they took a bus to Sankhu and started off the hike. The hike consisted of a 9-km medium grade trail through the Tamang Community in Shankharapur Municipality of Kathmandu.

They walked all the way from Sankhu to Jaharsingh Pauwa. Dhokshan and Kattike were two pit stops during the hike. They were greeted and warmly welcomed by the locals at these places. A short interaction program was also held. Mr. Arun Thapa, Technical Manager of Spiralogics and also one of the participants, described the whole experience as mesmerizing. He said that ‘the impact hike team were the first non-local groups to visit that route. Everyone was really impressed with how the locals had managed to preserve their culture and tradition.

Besides the Spiralogics team, there were other participants as well including members from Khalti, Sparrow SMS, Smart Tech Solution, Abari, IT Gamut, Seven Gene, Amuse Media (Katha Haru, Kooky Dunk) and Offering Happiness, etc.

What is Impact Hike?

Impact Hike is an initiative of Samartha Nepal to raise funds for creating awareness and providing education about non-communicable diseases in different parts of Nepal.

The campaign acts as a mediator for crowdsourcing funds to conduct  3 events – awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of non-communicable diseases, mainly breast cancer, cervical cancer and chronic pulmonary diseases – that help bring local level clients and expert health personnel together.


They have created a target of raising a minimum of NRs. 450,000 through the first hiking event.4 of our employees joined the Hike.

Campaign Sustainability

On a longer run, this campaign will be an open forum for crowdfunding to support campaigns and programs that are aimed at bringing an impact to the society. It is designed to mature into a social enterprise where one-fifth of the revenue generated will go for administrative activities, making the campaign economically viable.

As always, Spiralogics will continue to support different causes under the ‘Spiralogics For Society’ initiative. You can check out our facebook page for more pictures from the hike.