Collaboration with Virinchi College

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Spiralogics International and Virinchi College on April 18, 2018. Virinchi College established in 2014 and affiliated to Asia e University (AeU) of Malaysia, is a team of like-minded professionals of diverse discipline committed to promoting aspiring students to achieve a grand success through world-class education.

This MoU indicates an intended common line of action and collaboration. Spiralogics has been joining hands with organizations committed towards the betterment of education and its students. The agreement was signed by the Director of Virinchi, Mr. Pradeep Pant and the Managing Director of Spiralogics, Mr.K.P Upadhyaya. The agreement was witnessed by the management team of both parties. The program started with a formal introduction of everyone present at the meeting.

The terms and conditions of the MOU were discussed in detail and each party laid out their expectations from the agreement. Both discussed the possible steps they can take together to implement the various points covered in the MOU along with how the students, as well as the company, can benefit from it. The meeting ended with the list of actions to be implemented in the coming month.

Why sign an MOU?

This agreement will help provide a platform for the students in internship, research and job opportunities. It will help the students be ready for professional work life, have access to latest technology updates which will foster their employability skills and open many career opportunities for them. Meanwhile, Spiralogics too will be benefiting in terms of acquiring highly talented and hardworking students from this partnership.

The ultimate advantage of signing this agreement is to minimize the excessive use of time, energy and money required for the recruitment process and provide reciprocal benefits to the industries as well as the students who roll out of their academic life.