Women in the World of Tech

Anusha Shrestha, Team Lead and Data Scientist at Spiralogics International, was one of the key speakers at the 5th Girls In Technology (GIT) Meetup held on the 27th of May 2018 at Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce. Anusha has been with Spiralogics since the beginning and is one of it’s very first employee.

At the meetup, Anusha started by sharing the story of how she decided to take up computer science after completing her plus two. The title of her presentation was “Girls in IT – My Perspective”. Her presentation was divided into three parts: her story, facts about women in IT and conclusion. She talked about how at one point she wanted to give up IT and the things that kept motivating her to not give up and be even more dedicated in this field. She mentioned that 56% of women in tech position leave companies in their mid-career and what we can do to retain more women in tech.

Her message for girls wanting to pursue IT as a career included:

  • Take what you learn in college as a foundation and use that to build your skills professionally.
  • Learning is a never ending process i.e. it is never too late to learn something new.
  • To fulfill the gender gap on Tech field, you need to change how you look at the Tech field.
  • Encourage more women to go for Tech by showing them the door of Tech from the very early age.

Others speakers such as Sadikshya Aryal (Managing Director and Founder at Himalayan Innovations) and Aabha Dhital (Writer and Co-founder at Little Things) also shared their experience at the meetup.

What is Girls in Technology?

Girls in technology Meetups are where girls and women in technology come together to inspire and get inspired from each other’s journey. This meetup was organised by the Girls In Technology. GIT is a common platform dedicated to girls where students, professionals and beginners of technology background come together and share. It was formed in March 28, 2015 with a team of seven girls. The main goal of GIT is focused on bringing/producing the skill set required for girls/women to help them to pursue their career in technology.

Spiralogics would like to thank GIT for organising such an event and giving a platform for girls to share their stories and inspire others. We are also proud to have Anusha as a member of the Spiralogics Family, who through her hardwork and dedication is an inspiration for everyone at the company.