Why Software Developers prefer Dot Net

Dot Net is among the most popular framework in the world. The applications built in dot net have features and functionalities designed for creating various services required to build up robust applications.

The Dot Net Development consists of five main components: Windows Enterprise Servers, .NET Building Block Services, the Windows operating system, .NET Framework, and Visual Studio.NET toolset.

We asked some of the Dot Net Developers at Spiralogics International about what motivated them to specialise in this framework. Mr. Arun Thapa, Technical Manager said “when I started my career, the first thing I liked about Dot Net was that it was easy to learn and start”. He added “Dot Net is backed by one of the largest tech company Microsoft and it is adapting gracefully with the latest trend”. Here’s what other developers at Spiralogics had to say:

  1. There is a very good documentation from microsoft. Language is simple and is easy to understand. Any beginners would get a head start after studying this. Dot Net also has a huge community. – Dipendra Budhathoki
  2. Most companies use this and offer more jobs in .net than any other framework. In Nepal itself, there are better job opportunities in .Net. – Parbaty Prajapati
  3. Dot Net is great for building robust and scalable enterprise applications. It also supports various languages i.e. developers can use this software for any programming language to create applications.- Aakash Chaudhary
  4. Large scope and easy and simple framework through which small to large manageable applications can be built. – Kabita Rai
  5. Visual Studio IDE – probably best in the world. It’s also easy to debug. – Trishna Pokharel
  6. Framework for Machine learning. Few months ago, they moved from Bot framework to opensource. It’s slowly moving ahead from webform to MVC and now to Core. It’s also leading Technology for enterprise application and it’s Mature and secure. – Anusha Shrestha


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