Spiralogics bonds with Pulchowk Campus

Spiralogics believes in imparting knowledge to the new generation of IT enthusiasts with the industry know-how and upcoming technological trends. The company has been joining hands with organizations committed towards the betterment of education and its students.

On 1st of Aug, 2018, Spiralogics International entered into a mutually binding agreement with Pulchowk Campus – Institute of Engineering by signing an MOU. The agreement was signed by the HOD of Electronics Department, Dr. Dibakar Pant and the Technical Manager of Spiralogics, Mr. Arun Thapa. The agreement was witnessed by Mr.Samir Upadhyay, CEO of Spiralogics International. This MOU outlines the terms and details of an understanding, including each parties’ requirements and responsibilities.

Mr. Samir Upadhyay said, “we’re very glad to be taking this step to build a long-term relationship with one of the best engineering colleges in the country”. After the documents were signed, both parties discussed the possible steps they can take together to implement the various points covered in the MOU as well as how the students can benefit from it. Dr. Dibakar also pointed out the importance of early industry exposure for the students and how it can help to kick-start their career.

This agreement will help provide a platform for the students in internship, research and job opportunities. It will help the students be ready for professional work life, have access to the latest technology updates which will foster their employability skills and open many career opportunities for them. Similarly, Spiralogics too will be benefiting from this as it will help the company easily discover highly talented and hardworking students.