Student’s Visit to Spiralogics International

On Sept 26, students from Virinchi College currently studying in the 4th semester visited Spiralogics International. The purpose of their visit was to learn about the software development and requirement engineering at Spiralogics.

Nisha Paudel, Communication Manager at Spiralogics International began the session by briefing the students about the company’s background and what kind of projects Spiralogics focuses on. Arun Thapa, Technical Manager, then continued the session by describing the requirement engineering process followed at Spiralogics. He highlighted on the importance of proper planning and requirement gathering from the client. Other aspects such as customer collaboration, documentation, process, and tools were also elaborated by the speaker.

A short interactive session was conducted to let students know how tasks are broken down and carried out in a project. A ‘Curiosity Agile Board’ was created where each question from the students was put in the ‘backlog’ section at the beginning, It was moved to ‘in-progress’ while the question was being answered/addressed and in ‘done’ section after that. Saphal Thapa (QA Manager), Bishal Thapaliya (Dot Net Developer) and Aakash Chaudhary (Core Dot Net Developer) assisted Arun during this interactive portion.

There were a total of 16 participants. The visit ended with a session on current HR problem in Tech Industry, where Rajina Pradhan, Manager at Spiralogics Institute of Technology (SIT) talked about what students can do for a smooth transition from academic life and bridge the gap between academia and industry.