Ideas drive actions at Spiralogics

It was around 5 pm on a late Monday afternoon. With the afternoon turning into a chilly evening, four colleagues of Spiralogics decided to get together for a cup of coffee after office. As they walked by the decoration of lights on the way to the cafe, they started to discuss how technology can be used to celebrate Tihar. While sipping on their last bit of coffees, one of them thought why not do something related to lights. After all, tihar is known as the festival of lights. That’s when the idea of ‘message through lights’ was born. Hence, the four of them decided to go back to the office and build an LED display board. These four colleagues were Arun Thapa (Technical Manager), Aakash Chaudhary (Core Dot Net Developer), Bishnu Tiwari (QA Intern) and Sajan Passache (Dot Net Developer).

What happened next?

They worked on building the board all night. Hardly taking any sleep breaks in-between, they built the board from scratch. Finally, when the other employees started showing up to the office the next morning, they could see the led display board lighting up with the ‘Happy Tihar’ message. People started finding out that these four people had stayed at the office all night and built that. Some were puzzled by it, while others were simply amazed by their level of dedication.

The conclusion?

When you have an idea and you’re passionate about it, nothing can stop you. Even if you’re sleep deprived. This is what happens all the time at Spiralogics. Idea is what drives people to give their all in a project.

Like us, we hope all of you also have a sparkling tihar.