Top 5 Teams Selected for Spirathon Finale

Spiralogics is hosting its second Spirathon with the theme – AI for Impact and the finale will be held on 2nd February, 2019 at Bougainvilla Events, Tripureshwor. The five successful AI workshops conducted by Spiralogics as part of Spirathon pre-event attracted a lot of AI enthusiasts as participants.

A total of twenty-five teams registered for the first selection round of Spirathon. The teams were required to present a short video showcasing their innovative AI ideas. On the basis of the video and their idea submission, 7 teams were filtered for the preliminary selection round where they were interviewed by our panel of experts. Finally, 5 deserving teams were shortlisted for the final round of spirathon contest. These 5 teams will be going through the finale round.

In a timespan of two weeks, the five teams will have to build a prototype application on their chosen idea. In the main event, the teams will to present their ideas along with demo in front of a panel of judges. The teams have now been assigned a mentor each, who will constantly guide them until the end of the event. Mentors will not be allowed to teach the participants how to code but will provide guidance on any problems faced by the teams. Mentors includes senior software engineers of Spiralogics International as well as one guest mentor who will evaluate and provide suggestion to the whole team before the finale.

The top 5 teams are:

  1. Team Name: Vector

Project Name: Intrusion Detection System using Deep Learning

Project Description: A system for the purpose of cyber security.

Team Members: Utsav Ratna Tuladhar and Alisha Sharma

Mentor: Govinda Wagle


  1. Team Name: Night Owl

Project Name: Satyaya

Project Description: A web browser extension to filter reliable news.

Team Members: Roshan Guragain, Sampanna Sharma and Rishikesh Giri

Mentor: Aakash Chaudhary


  1. Team Name: DotT6

Project Name: Skin disease Prediction

Project Description: An android based application to detect skin diseases.

Team Members: Samip Rai, Louis Rai and Prashish Man Singh

Mentor: Sirjan Sharma


  1. Team Name: Bits Please

Project Name: No Borders

Project Description: A system to exploit travel information for personalized package recommendation.

Team Members: Sumit Luitel, Sunil Shrestha and Sugat Paneru

Mentor: Sangeeta Waiba


  1. Team Name: Hackaholics

Project Name: Saramsha.AI

Project Description: An application to summarize different types of textual data.

Team Members: Subash Tiwari, Shrawan Kumar Thapa and Sabal K.C.

Mentor: Arun Thapa

This program will be of great benefit to the teams. Not only will the top 3 teams get cash prizes, they will also get an exposure in the IT Industry and a chance to enhance their skills as well as, showcase their talents and pave a way for their career.

We would like to wish all the participants best of luck for the main event. Spiralogics is hosting a first of it’s kind AI Conference in Nepal along with the Spirathon Finale. If you would like to attend the Spirathon Finale and the AI conference happening on the same day, please register here.